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Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System

Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System

Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System  Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System

Lacie d2 quadra v3c 3 TB (usb 3.0, 2x firewire 800 and esata) external HDD storage system. Like new condition comes complete with all these accessories and its original box.

Superspeed USB 3.0 cable (usb 2.0 compatible). External power supply (UK adapter included). Deposit order within one working day and delivered well protected. At the world relay point closest to your address, unless you specify. The professional choice for fast and reliable storage, the d2 quadra v3 is ideal for professionals looking for capabilities and performance.

With speeds up to 130 MB / s and high storage capacity, it has 4 interfaces: 1 esata port 3 gb / s, 2 firewire 800 ports (9 pins) and 1 USB port 3.0. Of course, its connectivity and compatibility are universal since it is fully compatible with the USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 interfaces. The Quadra D2 has everything you need for connectivity and reliability, plus software and hardware. Advanced features: you can start archiving or saving as soon as you take it out of the box!

Its recyclable aluminum design designed by neil poulton makes it an exceptional piece that will perfectly match your environment. Performance and reliability with the new 3.0 usb interface and a capacity of 3 to, the lacie d2 quadra v3 is the ideal tool for creative professionals who need high transfer speeds up to 5 gb / s in usb. 3 and a large storage capacity. It boasts 7200 rpm hard drives with a minimum 32-megabyte cache for optimal performance and access times and the ability to support the most resource-hungry applications. But above all, it is capable of reaching a speed of 130 MB / s in usb 3.0.

Sophisticated design combining elegance and efficiency The unique and discreet design of the d2 quadra is renowned in the field of digital content creation for good reasons. Its fanless heat dissipated aluminum housing provides a larger surface area for better heat dissipation, making it quieter, safer and free of dust inside.

It can be positioned vertically, stacked with other disks, or even rack-mounted to reduce the clutter of your work environment. It's an ideal solution for heavy storage users who need off-site backups and archives regardless of their work environment. For optimum energy efficiency, it is also programmable in economy mode, which automatically reduces energy consumption if the reader is idle for a while. And in addition to all this, it is recyclable and complies with the rohs directive.

Multi-platform applications the d2 quadra is equipped with the latest connectivity thanks to its usb 3.0 interfaces and two firewire 800 for the chained connections, while still being fully compatible with the esata 3 gb / s, usb 2.0 and firewire 400 interfaces It is even compatible with lusb 3.0 on mac computers, thanks to the lacie usb 3.0 driver for mac os. With all its interfaces, the d2 quadra has universal connectivity so it is very easy to backup a workstation, regardless of its configuration and interfaces.

And thanks to the performance of lusb 3.0, you can make faster and therefore more frequent backups of your data, for better protection of your data. As the quadra d2 can reach a capacity of 3TB, it can even be used as a simple and convenient server storage extension. Functional and ergonomic thanks to preloaded desktop manager, you can easily configure the shortcut button to launch the application of your choice with a simple touch or configure the economic mode of your disk. And, thanks to its two-color front LED, it is easy to check the condition of the disc.

It also includes the software genie backup assistant and intego backup data restoration assistant, respectively for windows and mac. These applications are ideal for a simple and easy-to-use backup or recovery of files. Large storage capacity: 3 to.

Professional standards: transfer rate up to 5 gb / s, 7200 rpm hard drives. Quad interface: esata 3 gb / s, two firewire 800 and usb 3.0.

Universal connectivity and compatibility: fully compatible with esata 3 gb / s, usb 2.0 and firewire 400 interfaces. Possibility of chain connection (firewire). Advanced power management button lacie: launch any application with a simple touch (backup, music, slideshow). Auto sleep mode for energy savings. The item "lacie d2 quadra v3c 3 to (usb 3.0, 2x firewire 800 and esata) storage system" is on sale since Saturday, December 16, 2017.

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  1. brand: lacie
  2. storage capacity: 3 to
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: d2 qadra v3c
  4. interface: esata

Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System  Lacie D2 Quadra V3c 3tb (usb 3.0, 2x Firewire 800 And Esata) Storage System