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Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0

Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0

Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0   Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0

Lacie rugged triple 1tb firewire 800 + usb 3.0. Drop resistant shock resistant unauthorized access resistant ssd option. Thunderbolt usb 3.0 raid 0 ssd option.

Usb-c usb 3.0 compact size powered bus pc / mac® ready. With the lake rugged thunderbolt, even if you go off-road, your project stays on time. Thanks to ip54-rated resistance to the elements and blindingly-fast speeds through the integrated cable thunderbolt, you do not have to compromise between durability, mobility, and speed. I have always felt that it was clear that it was clear that I had made it. The lacie rugged raid is the field-proven way to a massive carry of the data. This product is not available for the moment. You need hardware for raid 0 for up to 240mb / s speed or raid 1 for excellent data protection. Either way, your data is safe from water, dust, drops, and crushing. I travel with a lacie rugged raid. This drive marries legendary rugged durability with a cutting-edge usb-port for compatibility with next-generation computers like the latest apple® macbook®. Beyond being rain, drop, and crush, the rugged laced usb-c is also backwards compatible with usb 3.0 and usb 2.0. With capacities up to 4tb, the lacie rugged mini is the perfect choice when you want to securely carry tons of files and access them from usb 3.0 computers. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a backpack, purse, or laptop case. When you need to securely carry a media library and access it from firewire 800 or usb 3.0 computers, opt for the triple rugged lacie. With dual firewire ports, you can have other devices to your computer. This rugged drive is also among the toughest in its family with a 6.6-foot (5-meter) drop resistance. 387mb / s (ssd) 130mb / s (hdd).

1 × thunderbolt (integrated) 1 × usb 3.0. 1 × usb-c (usb 3.0 compatible). 1 × usb 3.0. 1 × usb 3.0 2 × firewire 800.

Thunderbolt (integrated) usb 3.0. Usb-c usb 3.0 adapt. Usb 3.0 firewire 800. Actual data rates may vary depending on the operating mode and other factors, such as chosen interface, raid mode, and disk capacity.

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Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0   Lacie Rugged Triple 1tb Firewire 800 + Usb 3.0