Usb External Hard Drive

Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0

Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0

Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0    Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0
External hard drive wi-fi 500 gb. The wi-500 is a true network storage solution that allows easy sharing of data to make it available to ios, android, mac and pc users. Thus, it offers a simple way to enjoy, during each move, a large multimedia library from a tablet or a smartphone. Better yet, it can be used to extend the limited storage capacity of these mobile devices at low cost. Accessible on ios, android, mac and pc on mac and pc, the data volume appears as a network disk whose whole tree is displayed in a totally transparent way. In ethernet or in wi-fi, without losing access to the internet! With a dual 100base-t ethernet interface and 802.11 b / g / n wi-fi, wi-500 is compatible with most home networks. On the security side, compatibility with the wpa and wpa2 protocols ensures a higher level of protection.

The gateway mode preserves access to the Internet, which is done via the box. The wi-500 can also be connected directly to a computer in USB 3.0 and behave like a conventional external hard drive. Built-in battery capable of recharging mobile devices The wi-500 is equipped with a li-polymer 3000 mah battery that provides a comfortable 5-hour battery life. This can be recharged using the micro USB 3.0 connector on the housing, either via a USB power adapter or via the usb port of a computer. The wi-500 also turns into an external battery capable of recharging devices such as iphone, ipod and ipad (usb port 2.1 a).

Wireless sharing point for multimedia data up to 5 simultaneous users Ethernet access 100base-t or wifi 802.11 b / g / n gateway or hotspot mode: access to the internet via the wi-fi recharge application free ios and android hard drive 500 go sata 2.5 battery of 3000 mah li-polymer, up to 5 hrs of autonomy micro usb 3.0 port: data transfer and charging of wi-500 usb port 2.1 has for charging peripherals such as iphone, ipad and ipod dimensions: 130 x 82 x 25 mm weight (without disk): 171 g supported formats: fat, fat32, ntfs and exfat supported protocols: nfs, cifs, samba and webdav security wpa and wpa2. Disk dr 500 go usb cable 3.0 user manual in English.

Technical data of the product. Wireless external hard drive is for all smart phones, tablet pc, computers. Portable wireless hard drive which can generate a lan. Support ios, mac, android and windows systems. Up to 5 people share simultaneously.

Usb 3.0 connection means high speed. The esoruns wireless storage device includes a fast USB 3.0 / usb 2.0 connection and downloadable media files to easily transfer data between it and your laptop or computer.

L stream 5 different data over wi-fi simultaneously to 5 users; enjoy different media or documents with your friends or family respectively. L streaming to 5-8 hours of video on a single charge. L support ios, mac, android and windows. Can be used as a power bank. Hard disk size: 500 gb. Hard disk description: 2.5 inch. Hard disk rotational speed: 5400 rpm. Product dimensions: Convenient portable wireless storage device. Take your favorite data with you. Wirelessd wi-box is a mobile phone that allows you to connect your phone to your mobile phone.

You can also sync media and documents from your laptop or computer automatically. Wirelessd wi-fi can also be used to surf the Internet.

The wireless d device always meets your storage demands your digital device, iphone5 or galaxy s3 goes and lets you wirelessly enjoy all your movies, photos, music. Stream data to five users simultaneously. This is a very simple and easy-to-use application. Everyone in the family or team can wirelessly access the thousands of songs and photos, hundreds of movies on your wireless wi-box storage. Simple 4 steps with flexibility built in.

Firstly charge wirelessd wi -box with the included usb 2.0 cable. It will show white light on the third indicator.

Secondly simply plug the wireless d device into your laptop or pc and download your data. Thirdly, turn on the wirelessd. Press power button for about 3-5 seconds and it will show wi-fi signal on the second indicator on the screen. Shenzhen esorun technology limited company. The delivery time may vary, 2 to 15 working days, see cgv contact us before buying.

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Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0    Portable External Hard Drive 500 GB Standalone Wireless Wifi Usb 2.0 / 3.0