Usb External Hard Drive

Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue

Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue
Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue

Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue   Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue

A high capacity storage solution, reliable and acclaimed. Store all your photos, videos, music and documents with my book desktop storage solution.

Equipped with the wd backup software for windows and compatible with mac's apple time machine, the desktop hard drive my book backs up your photos, videos, music and documents. The my book desktop hard drive works perfectly with the acronis® true image wd edition software for programming full system backups.

Admire the power of my book. Our hectic lives lead us to generate tons of digital content.

The my book desktop storage solution offers massive storage capabilities that allow you to back up the files that make up your digital life. Incredibly compact, my book desktop storage solution inspires confidence because it is very reliable. With a storage capacity of up to 8 tons, make my book the guardian of your digital life. Transfer files, save and save your memories without waiting for this ready-to-use solution.

Wd backup and wd security are included to help protect your data. The my book desktop storage solution is also compatible with Apple Time Machine.

Exfat formatted for a plug-and-play solution compatible with windows and mac. Operating system: windows® 10, windows 8, windows 7, mac os x el capitan, yosemite or mavericks.

May require reformatting for other operating systems. Compatibility may vary depending on the user's hardware configuration and operating system. 8 to 6 to 4 to 3 to. Compatibility usb 3.0 / usb 2.0.

Automatic backup with included wd backup software and time machine compatibility. Password protection with hardware encryption. External hard drive my book. Wd backup software, wd security and wd drive utilities.

Lima private cloud blue + comfort: no need to sync, copy / paste or transfer your files between your devices. More security: your data is hosted at home and remains accessible wherever you are.

Space: your devices can hold up to At 7tb of files whatever their initial storage. Each user chooses the size of the external hard drive for his lima, according to his needs. + of tranquility: no more need of s? Occupy backups, lima does it for you.

+ of facility: lima is very simple to take in hand. On computers, it works seamlessly, without any particular interface, on mobile devices it works through a very intuitive application. + flexibility: lima allows branded devices and d? Different bones to work together and always show the same files (android, ios on mobile devices, windows and mac on computers). It is also compatible with chromecast, tv android and airplay.

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  1. brand: western
  2. storage capacity: 4 to
  3. type: external desktop hard drive
  4. unit quantity: 1
  5. interface: usb 3.0
  6. manufacturer part number: not applicable

Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue   Wd 4tb My Book Usb 3.0 (wes0718037850948) With Lima Private Cloud Blue